The Queen


A shade of blue, tinged with green;

Transparent gem with tangerine;

She appears for me, in your scream;

Aquamarine between human beings;


Handmaid, waves mixed with means;

Sunshine blending upon her chin;

Sentiment, deep crossing over sea;

Water, crystalline for everybody to see;


Inner face as your face, beautiful;

Inter-place as your place; dreamful;

Love; vines from all the lines;

Above her eye, to your eye; beloved;


The arabesque; immerging poesy;

Ocean of emotion; defining poetry;

Verses ornamenting her courtesy;

Feminine skin; tassels of jasmine;


Perfume of The Queen.



Dear, friend, this is for you, with all my feelings in colors, hoping they can touch your dreams, awakening my art in your life and if you can send me your thoughts, I will be so grateful! Im just an artist from Brazil, where the destiny brought me to the US in 1997 when so many things in my life were falling apart I  got lost and isolated in a strange, different world at that time, not knowing how to speak English, I crossed so many obstacles, beneath my eye and finding the magic of faith, I resolved to change all the negative to positive transforming them into hundreds pieces of art now I am learning how to write in English, to transform infinite emotions, in my mind and release them free as birds, to fly around your light .


New York Brazilian Poet Artist Adriana De Castro




featured @ DALILAND


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