I need to get into my heart and embrace my spirituality, and catch my eyes staring into eternity; let them feel the pain throughout my being, and see what it means to be both inside and out of me. I need to get into my heart - renewing myself constantly, discovering my mind writing the feelings of my life; In each page, as if they are leaves growing from my tree. I need to get into my heart and embrace my spirituality, and see the vanished pieces of my time; returning to my soul and becoming art, the pieces of my insights rebirthing in God's light. In colors that brighten my consciousness unconsciously. I need to listen to my heart, closing my eyes, walking my mission, seeing what is coming in my vision -  drawing upon me all the feelings of a human being. All of the tricks and magic. All that is faith and tragic. All the courage and fragility. All that thirsts, breathing sadly. All the past and future. All the future and present. All the minutes in measures. All the numbers of my infinite cells. All the golden tears of my treasures. All the old fears fighting me with pressures. All the gambling - my factory of dreams. Yes ! I do need to get deep, deep into my art. And read the literature of something Divine. Something with my fingers - a touch of all the colors together. Painting a rainbow in the sky, where my thoughts truly fly ... with God's Light ...

- Adriana De Castro


Dear, friend, this is for you, with all my feelings in colors, hoping they can touch your dreams, awakening my art in your life and if you can send me your thoughts, I will be so grateful! Im just an artist from Brazil, where the destiny brought me to the US in 1997 when so many things in my life were falling apart I  got lost and isolated in a strange, different world at that time, not knowing how to speak English, I crossed so many obstacles, beneath my eye and finding the magic of faith, I resolved to change all the negative to positive transforming them into hundreds pieces of art now I am learning how to write in English, to transform infinite emotions, in my mind and release them free as birds, to fly around your light .


New York Brazilian Poet Artist Adriana De Castro




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