Em Nome Do Pai, Do Fihlo, E Do Espirito Santo, Amem.  In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

This is the sign of the Cross, the emblem of us;
Dignifying every day, the faith upon the face;
With the benediction water, from the heavens Father; In His name we prophesy, to intensify the meaning of life;

In His claim we testify, the Spirit, to grow in the mind; The healing of Light, raising the senses of soul and body; In the name of the Holy Father we learn how to pray, naturally; What to say day by day amazing grace will reveal your way.

Crossing the cross of sorrow: lifting to the kingdom of tomorrow; We, as Artists, paint the Walls of Existence; We sing the infinitude of Intelligence; with the passion of the Christ:
and, the tears of all compassion, of the immaculate Mother.

In the name of the Holy Father, all emptiness will be filled. Within His saints spiritualizing all the divine creation; Luminous mirages beneath His land; innumerous diamonds in His sand; Innermost forces, from the gift of Genius, add His replicas into your being, your Genes. The uttermost Substance, from the lines of your veins, from the visceral to the Vital; These intuitive senses will be the Conscience of what is ancient of the spontaneous inherencies, from all that is Spiritual.

Histories you have seen: past-present-future;
First shall be last; and, last shall be First;
What goes around always will come around; 
All is point-specific, from a feeling on the skin, to a picture on the screen;

The hands of angels, lend the love beneath your hand; and all the solitude transformed; magnitude of emotions, with millions of stars, baptizing the devotion of your dreams. As a Child of God, He will watch over you, over me, over thee; Miraculous to see, in the tree, in the sea, in the honey of the bee; and, certainly, we can plea, for His liturgy; levity.

Piety: the path of the Master, he walks upon the sea; Miracles of bliss multiply the fish; humanity to feed: The triumph of Love is the key, in every degree. As in the golden asters the golden pastors; Cytoplasm in your cell in my shell to be well; Sanctified: excelling you, and me to be free.

All the magic, majesty will sprite, from inside;   Until the day, until the night: until the Infinite meets your needs; Your soul, so complete, to know: there is life where we live,
There is air where we breathe. This is the sign of Cross, the emblem of us.

Em Nome Do Pai, Do Fihlo, E Do Espirito Santo, Amem.  In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.


Dear, friend, this is for you, with all my feelings in colors, hoping they can touch your dreams, awakening my art in your life and if you can send me your thoughts, I will be so grateful! Im just an artist from Brazil, where the destiny brought me to the US in 1997 when so many things in my life were falling apart I  got lost and isolated in a strange, different world at that time, not knowing how to speak English, I crossed so many obstacles, beneath my eye and finding the magic of faith, I resolved to change all the negative to positive transforming them into hundreds pieces of art now I am learning how to write in English, to transform infinite emotions, in my mind and release them free as birds, to fly around your light .


New York Brazilian Poet Artist Adriana De Castro




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